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From Computational Complexity

Thanks for the Fuzzy Memories

In the 1990's Manindra Agrawal and V. Arvind published a paper claiming that if SAT is reducible to a (non-uniform) weighted threshold function then P = NP. Their...

From Computational Complexity

The Molly Solution

This week Bill and I are both at the Dagstuhl Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Computation Complexity. I'll try to cover some of the talks and discussions on the...

From Computational Complexity

Complexity Vidcast 2

Bill and I battle it out over what should be taught in a complexity course in our new vidcast.  

From Computational Complexity

Publicity for P versus NP

On the New York Times website, John Markoff writes an article Prizes Aside, the P-NP Puzzler has Consequences motivated by my CACM article on The Status of the....

From Computational Complexity

On Being Narrow

In a tweet a few days ago, David Bacon wonders why everyone always assumes all he can do is quantum computing? Oh, because that's all he's done. Time to do something...

From Computational Complexity

The IT Rules

My family has discovered a British Series, the IT Crowd, about two techies in a corporate IT department. An American version never got past the pilot phase.   ...

From Computational Complexity

Inspiring a Love of Math

A reader writes I come to you by way of your computational complexity blog. I get that there is some really good stuff there, but frankly don’t understand about...

From Computational Complexity

The Netflix Prize and the Sequel

Nearly three years ago I posted on the just announced Netflix prize. First to a 10% increase in the quality of the movie recommendations would receive a million...

From Computational Complexity

Why You Shouldn't Not Go to FOCS

You can now register on-line for FOCS which includes the 50th celebration. Early registration deadline is October 1. Hotel rate good until October 9th or whilehttp...

From Computational Complexity

You Will All Work for Google

Google has acquired reCAPTCHA, Luis von Ahn's project to use humans to aid transcribing old documents. We consider Luis an honorary theorist and congrats for the...

From Computational Complexity

Fashionable Research

A student asks "How do you survive in the academic world if what you want to do is not fashionable?"   You shouldn't necessarily focus your research on the currently...

From Computational Complexity

The Mystique of the Open Problem

The story goes that Andrew Wiles dreamt of proving Fermat's last theorem when he was a kid. No surprise since all of us math-loving kids dreamed of solving this...
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