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From Computational Complexity

The Term Quantum Being Misused ... Again

In a post from 2015 I noted that the word quantum is often misused (see here). Have things gotten better since then? I think you know the answer. But two uses of...

From Computational Complexity

The combinatorics of picking a Vice President

 Trump is pondering who to pick for his vice president. For a recent podcast about it go here. Spoiler alert: Doug B or Mario R or J.D. Vance. In 2008 I did a blog...

From Computational Complexity

Technology: 1966, 2006, 2023.

 In 2013 I wrote a blog to celebrate Lance's 50th birthday by contrasting what things were like when Lance was 10 to when he was 50. That post is here.But lifeThe...

From Computational Complexity

Soliciting open problems in honore of Luca T for my Open Problems Column

As you all know Luca Trevisan, a Giant in our field, passed away at the too-young age of 52. See Lance's post on Luca HERE. As the editor of the SIGACT News Open...
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