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From Computational Complexity

The letter to recommend John Nash was ``The Best Recomendation Letter Ever''- I do not think so.

There is an article about the letter Richard Duffin wrote for John Nash that helped John Nash get into Princeton: here. The title of the article is The Best Recommendation...

From Computational Complexity

When is it worth the time and effort to verify a proof FORMALLY?

(This post was inspired by Lance's tweet and later post on part of IP=PSPACE being formally verified.) We now have the means to verify that a proof (prob just some...

From Computational Complexity

ChatGPT thinks Graph Isomorphism has real applications. Is it right?

Lance did a post on Babai's result on Graph Isomorphism (see here). I then did a post asking if Graph Isomorphism has real applications (see here).  Lance proofread...

From Computational Complexity

Are there any REAL applications of Graph Isomorphism?

Lance's post on Babai's result on Graph Isomorphism (henceforth GI) inspired some random thoughts on GI. (Lance's post is here.) 1) Here is a conversation withOrganic...

From Computational Complexity

The advantage of working on obscure things

 I got an email from an organization that wants to publicize one of my papers. Which paper did they want to publicize? 1) If the organization was Quanta, they...
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