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dateMore Than a Year Ago
authorLance Fortnow

From Computational Complexity


What is the purpose of an academic journal? To provide a permanent vetted record of a specific research endeavor. The ways we communicate scientific research...

From Computational Complexity

The Digital Random Bit Generator

I started this month asking about the nature of randomness and how we generate it for our computers. Let me end the month talking about Intel's clever new digital...

From Computational Complexity

John McCarthy (1927-2011)

First Steve and then Dennis and now we have the death of a third computing pioneer this month. John McCarthy passed away earlier this week at the age of 84. McCarthy...

From Computational Complexity

Typecasting Again

Lance: Welcome to our second typecast on the last full day of Dagstuhl. I may not see Bill for a while so we'd thought we'd get in one more chat before we go our...
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