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Why You Should Make Every Effort To Have Fun In Business

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A fun person can bring a whole group to a more productive and innovative plane.

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I'm convinced that people who have fun at work are more innovative, as well as happier. In my considerable business experience, I haven't seen many successes come out of a group of fearful pessimists or unhappy people.

As I was looking through the literature, I did find evidence that many strong business leaders knew how to laugh at themselves. Humble leaders with this trait seem to create cultures that don't take themselves too seriously; cultures willing to take risks; and cultures capable of creating and supporting a greater number of ideas.

Successful people surround themselves with people they enjoy and respect. If you are unhappy or take yourself too seriously, you are less likely to get the attention and trust of people who can make a difference, or even recognize your innovative ideas.

Fun is all about creativity, innovation, play, experimentation, progress, and seeing real things come to life. The most innovative people don't see any dichotomy between work and fun.

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