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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

More on using an IF statement for bed comparison

Still more on bed comparisons

Official Notices: Leaders for 1963 SJCC picked

Official Notices: Location changes for JCC conferences

Official Notices: ACM appointments

IFIP-62: Comments

IFIP-62: Council meetings-notes

A dispersion pass algorithm for the polyphase merge

This paper presents a new manner of dispersing strings for a Polyphase merge. If the number of strings dispersed is between two levels acceptable by Polyphase merge, a more economical technique of reaching the next level for  …

Implementing a stack

A test matrix for inversion procedures

Input data organization in FORTRAN

Algorithm 125: Weightcoeff

Algorithm 126: Gauss' method

Algorithm 127: Ortho

Certification of Algorithm 40: Critical path scheduling

Algorithm 128: Summation of Fourier series

Certification of Algorithm 115: Perm

Certification of Algorithm 87: Permutation generator

Remark on Algorithm 73: Incomplete elliptic integrals

Certification of Algorithm 93: General order arithmetic

Syntactic analysis by digital computer

This paper provides an account of the Shadow language that is used to describe syntax and of a corresponding subroutine that enables a computer to perform syntactic analysis. The input to this subroutine consists of a string  …

On ambiguity in phrase structure languages

Computer pattern recognition techniques: electrocardiographic diagnosis

The use of programmed digital computers as general pattern classification and recognition devices is one phase of the current lively interest in artificial intelligence. It is important to choose a class of signals which is,  …

Coding of medical case history data for computer analysis

Futher remarks on sampling a tape file—I

Further remarks on sampling a tape file—II