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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

More on testing BCD words with FORTRAN

An algebraic compiler for the FORTRAN assembly program

Comment on analytic differentiation by computer

Reiteration of ACM policy toward standardization

Official Notices: ACM monographs appear

Official Notices: Large-capacity memory techniques for computing systems

Official Notices: Decision-making processes in pattern recognition

Algorithm 129: Minifun

Algorithm 130: Permute

Algorithm 131: Coefficient determination

Algorithm 132: Quantum mechanical integrals over all Slater-type integrals

Algorithm 135: Crout with equilibration and iteration

Algorithm 134: Exponentiation of series

Algorithm 133: Random

Algorithm 137: Nesting of for statement I

Algorithm 138: Nesting of for statement II

Algorithm 136: Enlargement of a group

Algorithm 139: Solutions of the diophantine equation

Algorithm 141: Path matrix

Algorithm 140: Matrix inversion

Certification of Algorithm 84: Simpson's integration

Remark on algorithm 99: Evaluation of Jacobi symbol

Certification of Algorithm 94: Combination

Remark on Algorithm 106: Complex number to a real power

Certification of Algorithm 135: Crout with equilibration and iteration

Topological sorting of large networks

The use of programmed digital computers as general pattern classification and recognition devices is one phase of the current lively interest in artificial intelligence. It is important to choose a class of signals which is,  …

Record linkage: making maximum use of the discriminating power of identifying information

Special difficulties are encountered in devising reliable systems for searching and updating any large files of documents that must be identified primarily on the basis of names and other personal particulars. The underlying  …

Online digital computer measurement of a neurological control system

Quantative measurements of the neurological control system for hand movement have shown results both of diagnostic value and of theoretical interest in understanding the underlying neural mechanisms and their system organization …

Certification of the calculation of Easter…