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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

University computing center exhibits at ACM 62


Basic elements of COBOL 61

COBOL and compatability

Interim report on bureau of ships COBOL evaluation program

Syntactical charts of COBOL 61

A report writer for COBOL

The COBOL Librarian: a key to object program efficiency

Modular data processing systems written in COBOL

Floating-point arithmetic in COBOL

Guides to teaching COBOL

An advanced input-output system for a COBOL compiler

An introduction to a machine-independent data division

COBOL batching problems

Algorithm 89: Evaluation of the fresnal sine integral

Algorithm 88: Evaluation of asymptotic expression for the fresnel sine and cosine integrals

Algorithm 91: Chebyshev curve-fit

Algorithm 90: Evaluation of the fresnal cosine integral

Certification of Algorithm 60: Romberg integration

Initial experience with an operating multiprogramming system

Algorithm 92: Simultaneous system of equations and matrix inversion routine

Letters from the President of ACM—