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Communications of the ACM

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ACM membership survey

Fifteen years ACM

International federation of information processing news

IFIP Congress-62, Munich, Germany, August 27-September 1, 1962: Abstracts of papers

Report on the algorithmic language FORTRAN II

A redundancy check for ALGOL programs

In using ALGOL, or any other common language for communicating among computers with different input-output media, one or more human beings is normally present in the communication channel. In the otherwise convenient method of …

One lost bit

The final result of prolonged computations will in general contain some errors. These errors are composed in part of computational round-off errors. This note points out one source of round-off error encountered in the IBM 709 …

A note on sampling a tape-file

The problem of selecting a random sample of precisely n records from a tape film containing N records sometimes arises in data processing applications. If a means of obtaining a random sample of n integers r1, r2, … ,rn selected …

Algorithm 93: General order arithmetic

Algorithm 95: Generation of partitions in part-count form

Algorithm 94: Combination

Algorithm 96: Ancestor

Algorithm 97: Shortest path

Algorithm 99: Evaluation of Jacobi symbol

Algorithm 98: Evaluation of definite complex line integrals

Algorithm 101: Remove item from chain-linked list

Algorithm 102: Permutation in lexicographical order

Algorithm 100: Add item to chain-linked list

Certification of Algorithm 46: Exponential of a complex number

Remark on Algorithm 19: Rinomial coefficients

Certification of Algorithm 48: Logarithm of a complex number

Algorithm 103: Simpson's rule integrator

Certification of Algorithm 58: Matrix inversion

Certification of Algorithm 77: Avint

Remark on Algorithm 76: Sorting procedures

Certification of Algorithm 67: Cram

Certification of Algorithm 66: Invrs

Analytic differentiation by computer

During the past few years a major portion of the work in computer applications has been concentrated in the two closely related fields of automatic programming and symbol manipulation. The results of this effort have been a wealth …

Criteria for acceptable abstracts

Recently, a personal reaction to a published abstract started a study which may lead to criteria for abstracts. This particular abstract seemed inadequate to those who were familiar with the original journal article. This brought …

General language translation schemata

In the past Backus Normal Form (BNF) has been defined only informally; however, a formal recognition definition has been evolved.

Trajectory computation in a problem-oriented language

A new problem-oriented language, XYZ, is being used on an experimental basis for trajectory computation. In the experiment, XYZ is compared with FORTRAN to determine the relative advantages of the two systems for use in flight …

Digitaria sanguinalis

More on an IF statement for bed comparison

Letter from the retiring President of ACM—

Retiring computer pioneer—

In retrospect, it is obvious that Charles Babbage, when writing these words, had Howard Aiken in mind. In July 1961, twenty-four years after conceiving the idea that led to Mark I and after over a quarter century of service to …

IFAC conference—corrected impression