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Communications of the ACM

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Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

Official Notices: New ACM appointments

Official Notices: Gotlieb new editor-in-chief of communications

Official Notices: AFIPS appoints public affairs director

The description list of concepts

A concept is defined as a class of objects whose members can be distinguished by processing its properties. Property is defined to mean a partition of the set of all objects into disjoint classes. The formal definition of a concept …

Character manipulation in FORTRAN

A computer technique for handling analysis of variance

Algorithm 114: Generation of partitions with constraints

Algorithm 112: Position of point relative to polygon

Algorithm 115: Perm

Algorithm 113: Treesort

Algorithm 117: Magic square (even order)

Algorithm 116: Complex division

Algorithm 118: Magic square (odd order)

Algorithm 119: Evaluation of a pert network

Algorithm 120: Matrix inversion II

Certification of Algorithm 18: Rational interpolation by continued fractions

Certification of Algorithm 37: Telescope 1

Certification of Algorithm 57: Ber or bei function

Certification of Algorithm 52: A set of test matrices

Remark on Algorithm 58: Matrix inversion

Certification of Algorithm 35: Sieve

Certification of Algorithm 58: Matrix inversion

Certification of Algorithm 19: Binomial coefficients

Certification of Algorithm 75: Factors

Certification of Algorithms 63, 64, 65: Partition, quicksort, find

Certification of Algorithm 71: Permutation

Certification of Algorithm 72: Composition generator

Certification of Algorithm 86: Permute

Certification of Algorithm 85: Jacobi

Certification of Algorithm 87: Permutation generator

Remark on Algorithm 84: Simpson's integration

Remark on Algorithm 78: Rational roots of polynomials with integer coefficients

Certification of Algorithm 117 and 118: Magic square (odd and, even orders)

Further remarks on line segment curve-fitting using dynamic programming

In a recent paper, Bellman showed how dynamic programming could be used to determine the solution to a problem previously considered by Stone. The problem comprises the determination, given N, of the N points of subdivision of …

A set of matrices for testing computer programs

A procedure for inverting large symmetric matrices

In the least squares method for simultaneous adjustment of several parameters, the coefficients of the normal equations are the elements of a symmetric positive-definite matrix. In order to solve the normal equations and evaluate …

A finite sequentially compact process for the adjoints of matrices over arbitrary integral domains

A generalized combinatorial problem

The property classification method of file design and processing

Analysis of a file addressing method

This paper presents a new file addressing method based on the calculation of an address from the identification of a record. For large recirculating type files, it seems to be more advantageous than customary ones. The probability …