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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Hardware conversion of decimal and binary numbers

On addressing multidimensional arrays

Computation of e on variable word length machine

National ACM membership survey

Use of multiprogramming in the design of a low cost digital computer

Programmed methods for printer graphical output

It is frequently desirable to display the results of computation in a graphical form. This is often done through the use of special hardware such as digital X,Y-plotters. Programmed graphical output for standard printers is preferable …

Current status of IPL-V for the Philco 2000 computer (June 1962)

The initial version of IPL-V for the Philco 2000 has been completed and is now operating on the computer. This model, IPLT-1, contains the loader, interpreter, output, housekeeping functions, and some of the primitives of the …

A heuristic for page turning in a multiprogrammed computer

One school of thought for future computer systems involves the use of large computer complexes, time-shared among many users. Because internal computer speeds are so much greater than communication speeds with the outside world …

Algorithm 121: Normdev

Algorithm 122: Tridiagonal matrix

On the nonexistence of a phrase structure grammar for ALGOL 60

ALGOL 60 is defined partly by formal mechanisms of phrase structure grammar, partly by informally stated restrictions. It is shown that no formal mechanisms of the type used are sufficient to define ALGOL 60.

Algorithm 124: Hankel function

Algorithm 123: Real error function, ERF(x)

A one-day look at computing

TALL—a list processor for the Philco 2000 computer

Several of the computer languages that are oriented toward problems in symbol manipulation use a list type of memory organization.1 The advantages of such a memory organization have been discussed elsewhere and will not be repeated …