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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Revised report on the algorithm language ALGOL 60

Supplement to the ALGOL 60 report

Suggestions on ALGOL 60 (ROME) issues

Arithmetizing declarations: an application to COBOL

Storage and search properties of a tree-organized memory system

Terms frequently combined in problem description

FORTRAN subroutines for time series analysis

A recursive program for the general n-dimensional integral

Generating discrete random variables in a computer

Remarks on algorithm 42: invert

Certification of algorithm 31: gamma function

Remarks on and certification of algorithm 50: inverse of a finite segment of the Hilbert matrix

Remark on algorithm 107: Gauss's method

Certification of algorithms 117 and 118 magic squares (even and odd orders)

Certification of algorithm for calculating primes by means of GPS

Remarks on and certification of algorithm 52: a set of test matrices

Certification of algorithms 120 and matrix inversion by Gauss-Jordan inversion II