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Communications of the ACM

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Selected definitions

A selection of the definitions prepared by the ACM Standards Committee's Subcommittee on Programming Terminology is presented for review by the ACM membership.

Official actions and responses to ALGOL as a programming language

Algorithm 163: modified Hankel function

Algorithm 162: XYmove plotting

Algorithm 161: combinatorial of M things taken one at a time, two at a time, up to N at a time

Algorithm 160: combinatorial of M things taken N at a time

Algorithm 164: orthogonal polynomial least squares surface fit

Algorithm 165: complete elliptic integrals

Algorithm 167: calculation of confluent divided differences

Algorithm 166: MonteCarlo

Algorithm 170: reduction of a matrix containing polynomial elements

Algorithm 168: Newton interpolation with backward divided differences

Algorithm 169: Newton interpolation with forward divided differences

Certification of algorithm 149: complete elliptic integral

Certification of algorithm 55: complete elliptic integral of the first kind

Certification of algorithm 91: Chebyshev curvefit

Certification of algorithm 145: adaptive numerical integration by Simpson's rule

Certification of algorithm 73: incomplete elliptic integrals

Certification of algorithm 133: random

Certification of algorithm 148: term of magic square

Certification of algorithm 148: term of magic square

Certification of algorithm 147: PSIF

A suggested method of making fuller use of strings in ALGOL 60

Least squares fitting of planes to surfaces using dynamic programming

Dynamic programming has recently been used by Stone, by Bellman and by Gluss to determine the closest fit of broken line segments to a curve in an interval under the constraint that the number of segments is fixed. In the present …