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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

The hardware-software complementarity

Pinpointing the dates of data examined by the ALPAC

What are the most promising avenues of approach to attaining MT?

Further clarification of dates

The remaining trouble spots in ALGOL 60

The ML/I macro processor

Decomposition programming: an analysis of matrix substructure

Three fonts of computer drawn letters

A grammar base question-answering procedure

Microprogamming under a page on demand strategy

On computing the fast Fourier transform

A stopping criterion for polynomial root finding

SHARER, a time sharing system for the CDC 6600

Algorithm 312: Absolute value and square root of a complex number

Algorithm 313: Multi-dimensional partition generator

Chebyshev quadrature

An interview with Dr. Herbert R. J. Grosch

On “numerical integration of a function that has a pole”