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Communications of the ACM

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In memory of Richard Goodman

Re family membership in ACM

Phas-structure productions in PL/I: Phas-structure productions in PL/I0

Use Chinese for zero and oh?

A multiprogramming environment for online data acquistion and analysis

An experimental system for acquisition and analysis of large bodies of data derived from scientific experiments is described. Its architecture and implementation is largely based on certain objectives and characteristics of a …

The LACONIQ monitor: time sharing for online dialogues

The LACONIQ (Laboratory Computer Online Inquiry) Monitor was developed primarily to support non-numerical applications such as retrieval from very large files by means of a “dialogue” between a system user and a retrieval application …

A system organization for resource allocation

This paper introduces a system for resource management using the concepts of “process,” “facility,” and “event.” Except for the processor no attempt has been made to give serious suggestions for the policy to be followed for  …

Algorithms for finding a fundamental set of cycles for an undirected linear graph

Given the adjacency matrix of the graph, the algorithm presented in this paper finds a spanning tree and then constructs the set of fundamental cycles. Our algorithm is slower than an algorithm presented by Welch by a ratio of …


Two programs for a vehicle dispatching model, one written in 7040 SIMSCRIPT and the other in 7040 FORTRAN IV are compared. The comparison is made in terms of basic program design decisions, storage requirements, computer time …

An online editor

An online, interactive system for text editing is described in detail, with remarks on the theoretical and experimental justification for its form. Emphasis throughout the system is on providing maximum convenience and power  …

Algorithm 318: Chebyschev curve-fit

The ALCOR Illinois 7090/7094 post mortem dump

A dump technique for programs written in ALGOL 60 is described. This technique provides an intelligible analysis of an unsuccessful computation process in terms of the original source program.

On the normalization requirement of divisor in divide-and-correct methods

This paper presents an analysis on the normalization requirement of the divisor in a divide-and-correct method. This analysis is made subject to the condition that not more than one correction is required to obtain the true quotient …

Taxes at all levels

Eigenvectors of a 2n × 2n matrix

It has been known that the eigenvalues of a certain 2n × 2n matrix can be obtained by use of two smaller matrices of order n which can be easily constructed. An algorithm is given to obtain the eigenvectors of the 2n ×n matrix …