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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: Do you use microfiche?

Letters to the editor: a machine algorithm for processing calendar dates

Letters to the editor: On binary notation

Letters to the editor: comment on curriculum 68

President's letter to the ACM membership: involvement

Scientific Applications: Computer synthesis of Holograms for 3-D display

Optical and digital holography are reviewed. The mathematical model and computational techniques of the authors' digital holographic process are discussed, and applications of computer holography are suggested. Computer holograms …

Business Applications: GAN, a system for generating and analyzing activity networks

GAN, a system for generating activity networks, is designed to save time in the preparation of activity networks and to deal conveniently with network programs. A defining description of a programming language designed for generating …

Ambiguity in limited entry decision tables

Programming Languages: Boolean matrix methods for the detection of simple precedence grammars

The use of decision tables as a tool in systems analysis and for program specification is now becoming accepted. Rules on redundancy, contradiction, and completeness for limited entry tables were published in 1963. These are  …

The implementation of a BASIC system in a multiprogramming environment

A mechanical procedure is derived for determining whether a given context-free phrase structure grammar is a simple precedence grammar. This procedure consists of elementary operations on suitably defined Boolean matrices. Application …

Information Retrieval: Easy English, a language for information retrieval through a remote typewriter console

Easy English is a natural command language designed to simplify communication between man and machine through remote typewriter console. It has been developed for retrieval of documents from a computerized data base, the Moore …

Education: A general-purpose display processing and tutorial system

ADEPT (A Display-Expedited Processing and Tutorial) system is described. This system was designed to improve man-computer communications by employing a display unit to interleave tutoring with other computer operations such as …

Numerical Analysis: A fast fourier transform algorithm for real-valued series

A new procedure is presented for calculating the complex, discrete Fourier transform of real-valued time series. This procedure is described for an example where the number of points in the series is an integral power of two. …

Letters to the editor: On “prime phrase” in Feldman and Gries paper