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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: Further comment on the computation of least squares polynomials

President's letter to the ACM membership

Translator writing systems

A critical review of recent efforts to automate the writing of translators of programming languages is presented. The formal study of syntax and its application to translator writing are discussed in Section II. Various approaches …

Algorithms: Algorithm 320:Harmonic analysis for symmetrically distributed data

Algorithms: Algorithm 321:t-test probabilities

Algorithms: Algorithm 322:F-distribution

Algorithms: Algorithm 323:Generation of permutations in lexicographic order

Algorithms: Algorithm 324: Maxflow

Algorithms: Algorithm 325:Adjustment of the inverse of a symmetric matrix when two symmetric elements are changed

Operating Systems: Program overlay techniques

The general features of program overlay systems are described. Three main types—automatic, semiautomatic and non-automatic—are classified, and the programming techniques are explained as a function of machine hardware and other …