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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Goals for 1970

ACM: A coming of age

The expanding world of computers

The onward sweep of automatic processing of information is impeded by nine principal barriers: geography, cost, problem complexity, man-machine communication, inadequate sensors, lack of understanding, distance, time, and size …

A global parser for context-free phrase structure grammars

An algorithm for analyzing any context-free phrase structure grammar and for generating a program which can then parse any sentence in the language (or indicate that the given sentence is invalid) is described. The parser is …

Programming Languages: A general purpose graphic language

Interactive use of computers with graphic terminals will permit many new problems to be solved using machines. In order to handle a variety of applications, it is expedient to develop a general purpose graphic language that is …

Numerical Analysis: Quasilinearization and the estimation of differential operators from eigenvalues

Given a linear ordinary differential operator containing several unknown constants and a number of its eigenvalues, the values of the unknown constants are estimated. A precise formulation is provided, and an effective numerical …

Education: Expenditures, sources of funds, and utilization of digital computers for research and instruction in higher education: 1964-65 with projections for 1968-69

The Southern Regional Education Board published a complete report on a survey it conducted to determine the funding and characterize the utilization of computers used for research and instruction in institutions of higher education …

Panel discussion on computer appreciation

Session 19 of the ACM 20th Anniversary Conference on August 31, 1967, was entitled Education, Design Experiments, and Computer Appreciation. Its second half consisted of a panel discussion on computer appreciation, organized  …

Algorithms: Algorithm 326:Roots of low-order polynomial equations

Algorithms: Algorithm 327:Dilogarithm

Algorithms: Certification of algorithm 299:Chi-squared integral

Algorithms: Remark on algorithm 293: Transportation problem

Algorithms: Certification of and remark on algorithm 304:Normal curve integral

Algorithms: Remark on algorithm 305:Symmetric polynomials

Standards: Proposed USA Standard: Data code for calendar date for machine-to-machine data interchange

This proposed USA Standard presents a standard data code for a calendar date for use in the interchange if data from machine-to-machine among data systems.

Hollerith punched card code

This proposed USA Standard presents the standard Hollerith Card Code representation of the 128 characters of USASCII in twelve-row punched cards. Other standards specify the dimensions and quality of punched paper ca rds, and …