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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: Standardization of hand-coding needed for man-to-machine communication

Letters to the editor: proposed abbreviation for 1024: bK

Letters to the editor: on the development of a new common computer languages

Letters to the editor: An auxiliary program to analyze LISP 1.5 programs

Letters to the editor: Generating permutations by nested cycling

Letters to the editor: on the evalution of multiplicative combinatorial expressions

Numerical Analysis: Stable numerical methods for obtaining the Chebyshev solution to an overdetermined system of equations

An implementation of Stiefel's exchange algorithm for determining a Chebyshev solution to an overdetermined system of linear equations is presented, that uses Gaussian LU decomposition with row interchanges. The implementation …

Computer Systems: Reliable full-duplex file transmission over half-duplex telephone line

A field-proven scheme for achieving reliable duplex transmission over a half-duplex communication line is presented, and to demonstrate the difficulty of the problem, another similar scheme, which is only slightly unreliable, …

On the design of display processors

The flexibility and power needed in the channel for a computer display are considered. To work efficiently, such a channel must have a sufficient number of instruction that it is best understood as a small processor rather than …

Scientific Applications: BRAD: the brookhaven raster display

A multiconsole computer display system has been designed that provides very rich displays at low unit cost. Each BRAD (Brookhaven RAster Display) console can plot tens of thousands of points, or up to 4000 characters at 30 frames …

An inexpensive braille terminal device

The active use of time-shared facilities for blind programmers requires a braille terminal system. Details are given for the construction of a brailler from a model 33 teletype by modifying the print head and increasing the resiliency …

Programming Techniques: Regular expression search algorithm

A method for locating specific character strings embedded in character text is described and an implementation of this method in the form of a compiler is discussed. The compiler accepts a regular expression as source language …

Writing an online debugging program for the experienced user

Presently available online debugging routines are often unsatisfactory for the experienced user because they require unnecessarily rigid and complicated typing formats, make it difficult for the user to correct typing errors, …

Algorithms: Algorithm 328: Chebyshev solution to an overdetermined linear system

Algorithms: Algorithm 329: Distribution of indistinguishable objects into distinguishable slots

Algorithms: Algorithm 330: Factorial analysis of variance

Algorithms: Algorithm 331: Gaussian quadrature formulas

Algorithms: Algorithm 332: Jacobi polynomials

Algorithms: Algorithm 333: MINIT algorithm for linear programming

Standards: Heading format for data transmission (A USAAI) tutorial

This paper is for information purposes and is intended as a comprehensive thought-provoking collection of the major aspects and considerations influencing Heading Format for Data Transmission. Information processing systems of …

A futures market in computer time

An auction method is described for allocating computer time that allows the price of computer time to fluctuate with the demand and the relative priority of users to be controlled so that more important projects get better access …