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Communications of the ACM

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Scanned-display computer graphics

A television-like scanned-display system has been successfully implemented on a Honeywell DDP-224 computer installation. The scanned image is stored in the core memory of the computer, and software scan conversion is used to  …

Toward automatic program synthesis

An elementary outline of the theorem-proving approach to automatic program synthesis is given, without dwelling on technical details. The method is illustrated by the automatic construction of both recursive and iterative programs …

A scheduling algorithm for a computer assisted registration system

This paper presents the scheduling algorithm used in the Computer Assisted Registration System at the University of Tennessee. Notation is defined and the logic of the algorithm necessary to implement educational policy is described …

Storage utilization in a memory hierarchy when storage assignment is performed by a hashing algorithm

The utilization of storage is studied in a two-level memory hierarchy. The first storage level, which is the fast store, is divided into a number of storage areas. When an entry is to be filed in the hierarchy, a hashing algorithm …

The automatic integration of ordinary differential equations

An integration technique for the automatic solution of an initial value problem for a set of ordinary differential equations is described. A criterion for the selection of the order of approximation is proposed. The objective …

Algorithm 406: exact solution of linear equations using residue arithmetic [F4]

Algorithm 407: DIFSUB for solution of ordinary differential equations [D2]

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