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Communications of the ACM

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A letter from the ACM treasurer

Multiple terminals under user program control in a time-sharing environment

User-written programs on the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System can communicate with many remote terminals simultaneously and can control the interactions between these terminals. Such programs can be written using standard input  …

A model and stack implementation of multiple environments

Many control and access environment structures require that storage for a procedure activation exist at times when control is not nested within the procedure activated. This is straightforward to implement by dynamic storage  …

General performance analysis of key-to-address transformation methods using an abstract file concept

This paper presents a new approach to the analysis of performance of the various key-to-address transformation methods. In this approach the keys in a file are assumed to have been selected from the key space according to a certain …

A note on the confinement problem

onfining a program during its execution so that it cannot transmit information to any other program except its caller. A set of examples attempts to stake out the boundaries of the problem. Necessary conditions for a solution …

A class of dynamic memory allocation algorithms

A new dynamic memory allocation algorithm, the Fibonacci system, is introduced. This algorithm is similar to, but seems to have certain advantages over, the “buddy” system. A generalization is mentioned which includes both of …

Using page residency to select the working set parameter

Denning's method for selecting the working set parameter, which uses interreference intervals, is examined. Several omissions in his model are noted, and new assumptions are introduced to overcome these omissions. Using this  …

Control structures in Illiac IV Fortran

As part of an effort to design and implement a Fortran compiler on the ILLIAC IV, an extended Fortran, called IVTRAN, has been developed. This language provides a means of expressing data and control structures suitable for exploiting …

Addendum to a multiple-precision division algorithm

In [1] Mifsud presented a generalized division algorithm for positive integral operands. The uniqueness of the method was advertised as causing each trial cipher in the quotient to be either equal to or one greater than its final …

Algorithm 458: discrete linear L1 approximation by interval linear programming

Algorithm 459: the elementary circuits of a graph

Algorithm 460: calculation of optimum parameters for alternating direction implicit procedures

Algorithm 461: cubic spline solutions to a class of functional differential equations

Algorithm 462: bivariate normal distribution

Algorithm 463: algorithms SCALE1, SCALE2, and SCALE3 for determination of scales on computer generated plots