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Communications of the ACM

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A Letter from the ACM Vice-President: the ACM name change

Papers from siggraph 76: the third annual conference on computer graphics, interactive techniques, and image processing

Texture and reflection in computer generated images

In 1974 Catmull developed a new algorithm for rendering images of bivariate surface patches. This paper describes extensions of this algorithm in the areas of texture simulation and lighting models. The parametrization of a patch …

Hierarchical geometric models for visible surface algorithms

The geometric structure inherent in the definition of the shapes of three-dimensional objects and environments is used not just to define their relative motion and placement, but also to assist in solving many other problems  …

A parametric algorithm for drawing pictures of solid objects composed of quadric surfaces

An algorithm for drawing pictures of three-dimensional objects, with surfaces made up of patches of quadric surfaces, is described. The emphasis of this algorithm is on calculating the intersections of quadric surfaces. A parameterization …

Interactive skeleton techniques for enhancing motion dynamics in key frame animation

A significant increase in the capability for controlling motion dynamics in key frame animation is achieved through skeleton control. This technique allows an animator to develop a complex motion sequence by animating a stick …

The BMD and BMDP series of statistical computer programs

A improvement to Martin's algorithm for computation of linear precedence functions

The status of women and minorities in academic computer science

The results of a survey concerning women and minority students and faculty in computer science during the years 1971 to 1975 are presented. Analysis of the data indicated that effective affirmative action programs for recruitment …

ACM Forum: an ACM founder favors name change