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Communications of the ACM

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ACM President's Letter: changes in Washington

The computer science and engineering research study (COSERS)

The Computer Science and Engineering Research Study (COSERS) is briefly described. The motivation, organization, and schedule for this NSF supported study are given. For possible further reference, the subject area panel chairmen …

Computer-aided analysis and design of information systems

This paper describes the use of computer-aided analysis for the design and development of an integrated financial management system by the Navy Material Command Support Activity (NMCSA). Computer-aided analysis consists of a  …

Structural pattern recognition of Carotid pulse waves using a general waveform parsing system

A general waveform parsing system with application to structural pattern recognition of carotid pulse waves is described. The carotid arterial pulse wave is of medical importance because of variation in its structure induced  …

ACM Forum: ACM name change