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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: on the importance of ACM being scientific and educational

Computer science as empirical inquiry: symbols and search

Computer science is the study of the phenomena surrounding computers. The founders of this society understood this very well when they called themselves the Association for Computing Machinery. The machine—not just the hardware …

Joining policies in a multipriority multiclass batch computer system

Consider a multipriority batch computer system which users from several different classes may join, with toll, service, and waiting charges. Such a system is formulated here as a semi-Markov decision process, in which the aim …

A program data flow analysis procedure

The global data relationships in a program can be exposed and codified by the static analysis methods described in this paper. A procedure is given which determines all the definitions which can possibly “reach” each node of  …

Intentional resolution of privacy protection in database systems

Traditionally, privacy protection in database systems is understood to be the control over what information a given user can get from a database. This paper is concerned with another, independent, dimension of privacy protection …

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