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Communications of the ACM

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ACM President's Letter: time to vote

Development of an international system for legal protection of computer programs

Is execution of a program “copying?” If a program is copyrighted, is execution an infringement of the copyright? Is an algorithm, or a program, or a computer running a program, patentable? If a program is licensed as a tradeN …

A comparative evaluation of versions of BASIC

From its inception, The BASIC language has grown in terms of its usage, scope of usage, and its features. This article compares ten of the current versions of BASIC with each other, with two earlier versions, and with the proposed …

LG: a language for analytic geometry

A conversational programming language for analytic geometry is described, together with some aspects of its implementation. The language allows the flexible definition of geometric objects and elements, computes their parameters …

Logical analysis of programs

Most present systems for verification of computer programs are incomplete in that intermediate inductive assertions must be provided manually by the user, termination is not proven, and incorrect programs are not treated. As  …

ACM Forum: reply to ACM President's letter on SIG/SICs versus chapters