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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: what should be done next?

Production and employment of Ph.D.'s in computer science

A practitioner's guide to addressing algorithms

This paper consolidates a number of popular rules of thumb which have been suggested for the design of record addressing algorithms, and discusses the applicability of these rules to large commercial databases. Guidelines for …

Interference in multiprocessor computer systems with interleaved memory

This paper analyzes the memory interference caused by several processors simultaneously using several memory modules. Exact results are computed for a simple model of such a system. The limiting value is derived for the relative …

A process for the determination of addresses in variable length addressing

An algorithm is presented for the assignment of instruction addresses and formats under the following conditions: (1) the length of the instruction varies as a function of the distance of the instruction from its target; (2)  …

Referencing lists by an edge

An edge reference into a list structure is a pair of pointers to adjacent nodes. Such a reference often requires little additional space, but its use can yield efficient algorithms. For instance, a circular link between the ends …

The synthetic approach to decision table conversion

Previous approaches to the problem of automatically converting decision tables to computer programs have been based on decomposition. At any stage, one condition is selected for testing, and two smaller problems (decision tables …

An efficient list-moving algorithm using constant workspace

ACM Forum: Invocation - the key to program structure