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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: chat II

Early experience with Mesa

The experiences of Mesa's first users—primarily its implementers—are discussed, and some implications for Mesa and similar programming languages are suggested. The specific topics addressed are: module structure and its use in …

Abstraction and verification in Alphard: defining and specifying iteration and generators

The Alphard “form” provides the programmer with a great deal of control over the implementation of abstract data types. In this paper the abstraction techniques are extended from simple data representation and function definition …

Abstraction mechanisms in CLU

CLU is a new programming language designed to support the use of abstractions in program construction. Work in programming methodology has led to the realization that three kinds of abstractions—procedural, control, and especially …

Toward a discipline of real-time programming

Programming is divided into three major categories with increasing complexity of reasoning in program validation: sequential programming, multiprogramming, and real-time programming. By adhering to a strict programming discipline …

An experimental evaluation of data type conventions

The language in which programs are written can have a substantial effect on the reliability of the resulting programs. This paper discusses an experiment that compares the programming reliability of subjects using a statically …

An efficient data structure for the simulation event set

Recently algorithms have been presented for the realization of event scheduling routines suitable for general purpose discrete event simulation systems. Several exhibited a performance superior to that of commonly used simple …

Comment on a computing the k shortest paths in a graph

In [1] Hardgrave discusses “positional” versus keyword parameter communication with subprograms from the viewpoint of structured programming. In this note an additional argument in favor of the keyword approach is suggested.

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