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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals

Matings in matrices

Cognitive strategies and looping constructs: an empirical study

Program indentation and comprehensibility

An analysis and algorithm for polygon clipping

An efficient dynamic selection method

Program design by informal English descriptions

On-the-fly optimization of data structures

Program developments: formal explanations of implementations

A constructive approach to the design of algorithms and their data structures

A multiple-stack manipulation procedure

A Monte Carlo study of Cichelli hash-function solvability

Principles of computer charging in a university-type organization

Information derivability analysis in logical information systems

Estimating block accesses in database organizations: a closed noniterative formula

On estimating block accesses in database organizations

Problem solving for effective systems analysis: an experimental exploration

Simulation modeling with event graphs

Antithetic variates revisited

System response time operator productivity, and job satisfaction

System designers' user models: a comparitive study and methodological critique

Stack processing techniques in delayed-staging storage hierarchies

Vector Fortran for numerical problems on CRAY-1

Extended Boolean information retrieval