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The CIRRUS banking network

The CIRRUS banking network makes coast-to-coast automatic banking transactions possible. The system will soon be able to handle international currency transactions and point-of-sale transactions in stores.

Report on the microelectronics and computer technology corporation conference

MCC, the consortium of companies headed by Admiral B. R. Inman, that some consider America's reply to Japan's Fifth Generation initiative, invited members and nonmembers to brainstorm on software design. Also on the agenda was …

Recommended curriculum for CS2, 1984: a report of the ACM curriculum task force for CS2

A Report of the ACM Curriculum Task Force for CS2

ALGLIB, a simple symbol-manipulation package

ALGLIB—a library of procedures that perform analytic differentiation and other simple symbolic manipulations—has certain advantages over existing and more comprehensive packages. It can be implemented in a high-level language …

Database design: composing fully normalized tables from a rigorous dependency diagram

A new simplified methodology for relational-database design overcomes the difficulties associated with nonloss decomposition. It states dependencies between data fields on a dependency list and then depicts them unambiguously …

Data-flow algorithms for parallel matrix computation

In this article we develop some algorithms and tools for solving matrix problems on parallel processing computers. Operations are synchronized through data-flow alone, which makes global synchronization unnecessary and enables …

Efficient optimal pagination of scrolls

Diehr and Faaland developed an algorithm that finds the minimum sum of key length pagination of a scroll of n items, and which uses O(n log n) time, solving a problem posed by McCreight. An improved algorithm is given which uses …