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Communications of the ACM

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Computer system reliability and nuclear war

Given the devastating consequences of nuclear war, it is appropriate to look at current and planned uses of computers in nuclear weapons command and control systems, and to examine whether these systems can fulfill their intended …

Heterogeneous computing environments: report on the ACM SIGOPS workshop on accommodating heterogeneity

The ACM SIGOPS Workshop on Accommodating Heterogeneity was conducted in December 1985 in Eastbound, Wash., as a forum for an international group of fifty researchers to discuss the technical issues surrounding heterogeneous computing …

COBOL on a PC: a new perspective on a language and its performance

A comparison of Cobol performance on the PC AT Enhanced versus an IBM 370 mainframe suggests that high-quality PC compiler implementations—combined with the new language features of the Cobol 85 Standard—are improving the PC  …

An improved parallel thinning algorithm

An iterative thinning algorithm reduces a two-dimensional pattern of strokes to its skeleton by removing layers of edge elements until each stroke has unit thickness. A parallel solution requires the independent calculation of …

Systolic algorithms to examine all pairs of elements

Four methods to solve the all pairs examination problem are presented. The first two methods are based on the fold-over scheme. The remaining two methods are adopted from some parallel sorting algorithms. All of these approaches …

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