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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter

Literate programming

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Programming pearls: profilers

Arabic word processing

Recently developed word processing software can correctly format the cursive, interacting letters of the Arabic script. Moreover, new layout procedures can automatically intermix right-to-left Arabic writing with left-to-right …

Word division in Spanish

Spanish is a language with very precise and regular orthographic rules. A syllabication algorithm strictly based on syntactic analysis, not requiring any semantic knowledge, is presented and further extended to include hyphenation …

The tea-leaf reader algorithm: an efficient implementation of CRC-16 and CRC-32

The tea-leaf reader CRC algorithms are error-detection algorithms that use a look-ahead table to increase execution speed.

The quadcode and its arithmetic

The quadcode is a hierarchical data structure for describing digital images. It has the following properties: (1) straightforward representation of dimension, size, and the relationship between an image and its subsets; (2) explicit …

Adjacency detection using quadcodes

A method is presented for determining whether two given regions are adjacent, and for finding all the neighbors of different sizes for a given region. Regions are defined as elementary squares of any size. In a companion paper …

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