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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Building a foundation

Technetronic education: answers on the cultural horizon

Reading and writing in the 21st century

Technology in education (introduction)

Technology and the organization of schooling

The LabNetwork

Technologies for knowledge-building discourse

Internetworking: coordinating technology for systemic reform

Designing the new American schools

School networks: delivery or access

Tools to enhance math education: the Jasper series

Learning via multimedia computers

Wireless Coyote: a computer-supported field trip

The collaborative visualization project

Video laboratories: tools for scientific investigation

Help for all the students

Teaching with and about computers in secondary schools

The technology infrastructure of U.S. schools

Assessment and technology

Life-long learning

Computer equity for the future


Computers in schools: past, present, and how we can change the future

ACM model high school computer science curriculum

The role of software engineering

ACM task force on K–12 education and technology