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Communications of the ACM

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Computing in Vietnam: an Asian tiger in the rough

Nguyen Dinh Ngoc and Dang Huu were among the senior technology leaders at the Fourth Informatics Week conference and exhibition held in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in August 1994, an event that swarmed with teenagers, young techies …

Beware, techies bearing gifts

The latest techie panacea for fixing education is to just connect all the students to the Internet; with all that information out there, surely they will learn. In Project Globe, Vice President Gore, the U.S.'s chief techie,  …

Women in computing

The world is changing and the demographics of the workforce are changing with it. At one time there was hope that our exciting new field of computer science would not only revolutionize the technical world in which we live, but …

Women in computing: where are we now?

Corporate supported woman's groups

Graduate fellowship programs

Woman and computing in the UK

Announcing a new resource: the WCAR list

TAP: tapping internet resources for woman in computer science

Pioneering women in computer science

Human nature and the glass ceiling in industry

Gender discrimination in the workplace: a literature review

Diversity recruiting

Executive mentoring: what makes it work?

Situations and advancement measures in Germany

CASE tools as collaborative support technologies

Since the inception of computers, the software industry has searched for dramatic solutions to its systems development problems. In the latter half of the 1980s and into the 1990s, the search has focused on automated software …

LEDA: a platform for combinatorial and geometric computing

Combinatorial and geometric computing is a core area of computer science (CS). In fact, most CS curricula contain a course in data structures and algorithms. The area deals with objects such as graphs, sequences, dictionaries …

Ultra-structure: a design theory for complex systems and processes

The physicist and Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine states that “our understanding of nature is undergoing a radical change toward the multiple, the temporal, and the complex. Curiously, the unexpected complexity found in nature  …

Random number generators are chaotic

The study of highly unstable nonlinear dynamical systems—chaotic systems—has emerged recently as an area of major interest and applicability across the mathematical, physical and social sciences. This interest has been triggered …

Pseudo-random number generators for a calculator

The info superhighway: for the people

The opportunities are attractive, but some pavers of the Information Superhighway (ISH) are too eager to pour concrete. They risk making rough roads that will alienate the very users they seek. These technologically oriented  …