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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Software compatibility and the law

Target: Internet

Designing hypermedia applications

Toward augmenting the human intellect and boosting our collective IQ

The heart of connection: hypermedia unified by transclusion

RMM: a methodology for structured hypermedia design

The object-oriented hypermedia design model

A systematic approach to designing a WWW application

Hypertext design environments and the hypertext design process

Hypermedia and cognition: designing for comprehension

Visual cues for local and global coherence in the WWW

Designing hypermedia: a collaborative activity

The StudySpace Project: collaborative hypermedia in nomadic computing environments

Hypermedia design, analysis, and evaluation issues

Control for hypertext construction

Spatial hypertext: designing for change

Designing hypertext support for computational applications

Hyperform: rapid prototyping of hypermedia services

Dynamic hyperdocuments: authoring replaces programming

Technical opinion: noncomputability is easy to understand

Research on the Internet

On the design of hyper “spaces”

To embed or not to embed…