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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Editorial pointers

News track

Encoding the law into digital libraries

Whose Net is it anyway?

Toward a worldwide digital library

Interoperability for digital libraries worldwide

Accessing distributed cultural heritage information

Digital access to antiquities

FedStats promotes statistical literacy

New role for community networks

Viewing multilingual documents on your local Web browser

Distributed Chinese bibliographic searching

NSF-EU multilingual information access

A public library based on full-text retrieval

Students access books and journals through MeDoc

Discovery of resources within a distributed library system

Initiatives that center on scientific dissemination

R&D for a nationwide general-purpose system

Many projects that depend on collaboration

Libraries' new role in electronic scholarly publishing

Readers “thinking objectively”

Semantic information retrieval

Discourse analysis of user requests

Sorting out searching: a user-interface framework for text searches

Strong vs. weak approaches to systems development

Yin and yang in computer science

On concurrent programming