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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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Legally Speaking: The Communications Decency Act Is Not as Dead as You Think

Digital Village: Value-Added Publishing

Viewpoint: The COPA Battle and the Future of Free Speech

The very future of free speech jurisprudence may be at stake.

From the President: Starr Wars

Symbolic Modeling in Practice

From Object-Oriented to Goal-Oriented Requirements Analysis

Goal-oriented and object-oriented analysis should be seen as complementary, the former focusing on the early stages of requirements analysis ...the latter on late stages.

Connecting the Design of Software to the Design

When the software's preference contradicts good user work practice the power of computing quickly becomes an electronic bureaucrat—frustrating productivity while imposing overhead.

Scenarios For Modeling

Scenarios have become key artifacts in systems engineering but their management is poorly understood.

Integrating Development of Task and Object Models

Interleaved analysis of user and object interaction scenarios promotes the understanding of reciprocal opportunities and constraints.

Embedding Formal Knowledge Models in Active Documents

Creating problem-solving documents.

User Interface Directions For the Web

If you think it's crowded now, just wait! The Web is heading toward its own year-end calamity unless some skillful maneuvering is applied—quickly.

Enhancing Data Quality in Data Warehouse Environments

Nothing is more likely to undermine the performance and business value of a data warehouse than inappropriate, misunderstood, or ignored data quality.

How the Internet Helps Build Collaborative Multimedia Applications

Start with the Internet itself for freely available software technologies, then add some custom software.

The Role of Knowledge in Software Development

Before the program can be written, humans have to describe and organize the knowledge it represents according to specific knowledge structures.

Action Research

To make academic research relevant, researchers should try out their theories with practitioners in real situations and real organizations.

Technical Opinion: Roadblocks to Web Technology Adoption?

Inside Risks: Evolving Telephone Networks