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Communications of the ACM

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From Washington: the Ongoing Tug-of-War For E-Commerce Control

Personal Computing: The Post-PC Era

Some believe we are moving to a post-PC era of ubiquitous computing.

From the President: The Heroes Among -Us

There are many unacknowledged heroes who have worked to bring computer technology to those who need it.

-UML in Action

A roadmap for the future of the UML.

UML 2001: A Standardization Odyssey

As the UML reaches the ripe age of four, both its proponents and its critics are scanning the recent changes in the UML 1.3 revision.

Designing Component-Based Frameworks -Using Patterns in the UML

Designing systems using components and proven solutions elevates the abstractions at which engineers work.

Turning Clockwise: Using UML in the Real-Time Domain

"You mustn't forget one thing," the fairy godmother said. "Do not stay past midnight, for when the hour strikes, everything will return to the way it was before. "I promise," said Cinderella.

-UMLoquent Expression of AWACS Software Design

The UML is becoming the standard palette used by software designers to paint their thoughts.

Modeling Web Application Architectures with -UML

Modeling business logic in Web-specific components can be done in a coherent and consistent way.

What Netscape Learned from Cross-Platform Software Development

Its development strategy produced unexpected costs, a wrong turn with Java, performance compromises, and questions about future ties to Sun Microsystems.

Framework Integration Problems, Causes, Solutions

Though familiar with the most common problems and their causes, OO software developers struggle with solutions plagued by a lack of framework standards and development guidelines.

Privacy Interfaces For Information Management

A system for examining Web browsing histories helps create a set of guidelines for designing privacy interfaces.

Multipurpose Web Publishing -Using HTML, XML, and CSS

The World Wide Web Consortium devised these document-markup and style-sheet languages in the interests of Web device independence, content reuse, and network-friendly encoding.

Software Engineering Code of Ethics Is Approved

The exhaustive efforts of the ACM and IEEE–CS has resulted in the adoption of a code of professional practices for software engineers to consider—and use.

Technical Opinion: Comparing Java vs. C/C++ Efficiency Differences to Interpersonal Differences

A comparison of 40 different implementations of the same program.

Inside Risks: Risks of Relying on Cryptography