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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Editorial Pointers

Digital Village: the Cost of Having Analog Executives in a Digital World

The likelihood of accurate technology forecasting can never be known.

Evolving a New Theory of Project Success

Regardless of how "troubled" a project may be, what is learned after crossing the finish line can be a practitioner's overwhelming success.

Forum: Software Project Failure Lessons Learned

Knowledge Discovery

We're interested in techniques that automatically find fundamental properties and principles that are original and useful.

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Machine learning algorithms enable discovery of important "regularities" in large data sets.

Discovery Tools For Science Apps

Speed and smarts propel new tools for scientific applications.

Scientific Knowledge Discovery Using Inductive Logic Programming

ILP can be more effective than neural nets for delving into biological function data for pharmaceutical engineers developing new drugs and their multiple varieties.

Knowledge Discovery Based on Neural Networks

The intelligence emerging from interactions among numerous self-organizing processing elements can be trained to discover the knowledge embedded in data.

Evolutionary Computation For Discovery

New automated tools hold the promise of allowing users to find more, learn more, and build more opportunities.

Discovery Through Rough Set Theory

Recent industry and market research apps demonstrate the decisive power of rough sets.

Mining Online Text

Building mining apps in natural language processing poses special challenges, but also offers great rewards.

Discovery in the Human Genome Project

There are several layers of knowledge discovery in this international project and each one poses big questions to biologists.

Knowledge Discovery in Deep Blue

A vast database of human experience can be used to direct a search.

The Messyware Advantage: The Precipitous Rise of the Middleman

The precipitous rise of the middleman.

Ten Myths of Multimodal Interaction

Moving from traditional interfaces toward interfaces offering users greater expressive power, naturalness, and portability.

An Integrated Approach to Enterprise Computing Architectures

Synthesizing an organization's computing infrastructure to support the spectrum of tasks performed by users in a geographically distributed organization.

A Proposal For an Open DSS Protocol

Before Decision Support Systems can be shared via the Web, a common protocol for deploying them must be agreed upon.

Putting OO Distributed Programming to Work

An exercise in abstracting and factoring out failure detection.

Inside Risks: Risks of Content Filtering