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Communications of the ACM

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This month's "Forum" continues the debate regarding the restructuring of the university model, spurred by Dennis Tsichritzis's article "Reengineering the University" (June 1999, p. 93).

From Washington: Net to Worry

As with any new and powerful technology, there is the inevitable specter of panic. Be wary, the bark may be worse than the bite.

Staying Connected: Flying Wireless, With a Net

Mobile Internet providers prepare for takeoff.

On Site: The Esprit Atlas Project

Viewpoint: Stop that Divorce!

Licensing Software Engineers

Predictors of Online Buying Behavior

What personal characteristics predict whether or not people buy on the Net? Look for a "wired" lifestyle and time starvation, not demographics.

-Users Are Not the Enemy

Why users compromise computer security mechanisms and how to take remedial measures.

A Case Study of a Netizen's Guide to Elections

Political hopefuls learn to use the intrinsic powers of information, democracy, and the Internet.

Voting Technology Implementation

Two recent—yet very different—real-world experiences provide valuable lessons for building the technologies necessary for true teledemocracy.

Teledemocracy in Local Government

Politicians in a small Norwegian municipality experience how telecommunications technology can support and impact the election process.

The Driving Forces in the Virtual Society

Examining the factors propelling the evolution to a virtual workplace and the arrangements being used to implement these changes in a societal context.

Software Cultures

Exploring cultural practices in managing heterogeneity within system design.

The Future of Software

Companies like British Telecommunications whose business is based on the performance of their software systems, should emphasize accessibility, adaptability, transparency, fail-safe operation, and a human face.

How a Community Health Information Network Is Really -sed

Use is not always what the user says it is in practically any domain, including health care delivery, as the authors' research revealed.

Are We Ready?: The FAA's Y2K Preparedness

Are We Ready?: Risk, Reality, and Readiness

Inside Risks: Risks of Insiders