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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Editorial Pointers

News Track

Personal Computing: The Next Generation of Business Data Processing

Electronic Frontier: The Privacy Hoax

Forum: More Ugly Truths About Consulting Assignments

On Site: Computing in Lebanon

How a professor of computer science returned after the country's civil war to help build the national information infrastructure—and her own career.

Internet Privacy

Anonymous Web Transactions with Crowds

An innovative way to become an invisible user is simply to get lost in the crowd. After all, anonymity loves company.

Onion Routing

One way to camouflage communication over a public network is to mingle connections from a variety of users and applications to make them difficult to distinguish.

Consistent, Yet Anonymous, Web Access with LPWA

The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant offers a single, effective method for adopting differing personae.

The Platform For Privacy Preferences

Web sites can bolster user confidence by clarifying their privacy practices upfront, allowing visitors to become active players in the decision-making process.

TRUSTe: An Online Privacy Seal Program

A trustmark displayed on a home page informs visitors of the security practices conducted at the site.

Internet Privacy Concerns Confirm the Case For Intervention

Public confidence in matters of online privacy seemingly lessens as the Internet grows. Indeed, there is mounting evidence the necessary remedy may be a protective framework that includes (gulp) legislative provisions.

Y2k Compliance and the Distributed Enterprise

It's not just mainframe-based applications: servers and workstations pose significant Y2K problem risks for organizations and individuals.

The Realities of Software Technology Payoffs

Too few studies, and the benefits don't match the claims.

The Role of Trust in Outsourced IS Development Projects

Don't lose sight of the structure of the relationship between client and vendor, and don't be a stranger.

Technical Opinion: On Defining Computer Science Terminology

Inside Risks: Robust Open-Source Software