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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Editorial Pointers

News Track

Finland: The Unknown Soldier on the IT Front

Linus Torvalds, Jorma Ollila, and their accomplishments exemplify Finland's rapid rise as one of the most networked nations in the world.

Good News and Bad News on the Intellectual Property Front


Viewpoint: Focus Groups, Theory or the Kid in the Garage?

Multiagent Systems on the Net

Agents with Power

The energy market is ripe for emergent IT tools that may simply transform the utilities sector.

Networked Agents For Scientific Computing

How an ensemble of agents can conduct large-scale scientific simulations.

Multiagent Systems and DARPA

Socialware: Multiagent Systems For Supporting Network Communities

Many of the social issues that live in real neighborhoods also reside on the Net. Now, with a little help from software agents, people can be linked together to form a multitude of new colonies.

Simulations in Economics and Management

Agents For Process Coherence in Virtual Enterprises

At first glance, autonomy is a mixed blessing.

Multiagent Data Collection in Lycos

Building Cognitively Rich Agents Using the SIM_AGENT Toolkit

Why your software agents will have emotions.

Agents in Tank Battle Simulations

Agents in E-Commerce

Let systems of Web-based competitive self-interested agents do the negotiating, buying, and selling.

Agents that Buy and Sell

Shoppers and sellers alike dispatch them into the digital bazaar to autonomously represent their best interests.

Automated Negotiation

The best terms for all concerned

Seven Good Reasons For Mobile Agents

Dispatch your agents; shut off your machine.

Java-Based Mobile Agents

To free your agents and yourself to get the best deals online, write them in Java. And hope everyone else does too.


This Java mobile agent technology offers security and persistence while maintaining a record of an agent's travels.

The Aglets Project

These Java mobile agents move comfortably throughout the Internet.

Staffing the Web with Interactive Characters

Intelligent agents in the form of personable characters interact with and serve human customers.

An XML Framework For Agent-Based E-Commerce

Emerging standards for commercial document exchange promise open business-to-business e-commerce.

Share the Ontology in XML-Based Trading Architectures

First bring semantic order to the world of XML.

Technical Opinion: Viewpoints on Legacy Systems

Inside Risks: Bit-Rot Roulette