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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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Digital Village: How Xday Figures in the Y2k Countdown

How Often Should a Firm Buy New PCs?

Researchers have found it challenging to identify the business impact of computers and IT spending.

Viewpoint: Saving Our Sacred Honor

Persuasive Technologies

Now is your chance to decide what they will persuade us to do—and how they'll do it.

The Landscape of Persuasive Technologies

Aimed largely at children today, persuasion is already part of many technologies, but many more are on the way for everyone else.

Credibility and Computing Technology

Users want to trust, and generally do. But that trust is undermined, often forever, when the system delivers erroneous information.

-Understanding the Seductive Experience

Extraordinary products seduce the casual user, as well as the paying customer. Software is no exception, as long as it fulfills its promises.

Toward an Ethics of Persuasive Technology

Ask yourself whether your technology persuades users to do something you wouldn't want to be persuaded to do yourself.

The Diversity of Usability Practices

The U.S. has a long-standing tradition of usability labs, whereas usability labs in Danish industry are a fairly novel phenomenon. On the other hand, the Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, have a strong tradition for …

Replacing Usability Testing with User Dialogue

How a Danish manufacturing company enhanced itsproduct design process by supporting user participation.

Increasing Ease of Use

Emphasizing organizational transformation, process integration, and method optimization.

A Contribution to the Design Process

Achieving essential strengths in design, sound, picture, user interaction, and system integration.

Strengthening the Focus on U-sers' Working Practices

Getting beyond traditional usability testing.

A Flexible Approach to Third-Party -Usability

As the nature of usability testing changes, so too have the techniques of third-party vendors.

Organizing Usability Work to Fit the Full Product Range

As broad and varied as it may be, design influence still must maintain a user-centered perspective.

Cooperative -Usability Practices

Detailed studies illustrate the diversity of ways to improve product quality by nurturing usability issues.

Technical Opinion: Reuse: Been There, Done That

Lessons learned from software reuse.

Inside Risks: Ten Myths About Y2K Inspections

The Y2K problem has given rise to a few statements that sound like unprofessional urban folklore.