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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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Practical Programmer: Is Criticism of Computing Academe Inevitably Divisive?

International Perspectives: Software Strategies in Developing Countries


Viewpoint: Information in the Information Age

From the President: Melissa's Message

Emerging Internet Infrastructures Worldwide

The rise of Internet communications also means confrontation with the established politico-economic-telecom order.

The Internet in Developing Countries

Access means much higher user fees and costs to ISPs for connecting to the global Net, and geographic dispersion limited to a few big cities.

Moving Toward a Non--U.S.-Centric International Internet

New high-capacity links in Europe and Asia could represent the beginning of the end of the rest of the world's having to send its Internet traffic through U.S.-based networks.

Commentary: ICANN and Internet Regulation

Enough credibility to regulate the root server databases of the most important communications medium of the 21st century?

China's State-Coordinated Internet Infrastructure

How can the government use the Internet to promote economic development while maintaining its political and economic control?

Building India's National Internet Backbone

The government wants it to link the country's huge rural population, as well as its own district offices and new private ISPs, to the Web and the world.

The Wireless Local Loop in Developing Regions

Why data communications should be part of the basic service when building new wireless voice networks in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Lessons from Haiti's Internet Development

The country's expanding Internet sector has largely bypassed the government's telephone monopoly, and outpaced regulatory reform, due largely to the innovative use of wireless technologies.

All-Optical Networks

Enlightening the effects and implications of nearly infinite bandwidth.

-Using Autonomous Robotics to Teach Science and Engineering

Learning critical thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork by building your own animal.

Reengineering the University

Today's university is at a turning point, and turn it must. The time has come to recognize that education is a business and students are the customers.

Considerations For an Effective Telecommunications-use Policy

Creating effective use through effective policy.

Intuitive Decision-Making

Combining advanced analytical tools with human intuition increases insight into problems.

Changes in ACM's Revised Copyright Policy

A helpful introduction to the new additions and alterations to this pioneering policy, particularly since the advent of digital libraries.

Technical Opinion: Does Data Traffic Exceed Voice Traffic?

If it doesn't, today's megamergers may be tomorrow's megalosses.

Inside Risks: Risks of Y2K

As we approach January 1, 2000, considerable uncertainty continues; optimists predict only minor problems; pessimists claim that the effects will be far-reaching.