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Practical Programmer: Buzzwordism and the Epic $150 Million Software Debacle

"It was a classic example of two common human behaviors; a willingness to abdicate common sense when presented with a sure thing, and a failure to respond when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary." —Chris Craddock …

Log on Education: Science in the Palms of Their Hands

Toward an Image Indistinguishable from Reality

What will it take to make such images so accurate they can substitute for the physical things they simulate?

Artificial Life For Computer Graphics

Biological and evolutionary models give life to self-animating graphical characters with bodies, brains, behavior, perception, learning, and cognition.

A Framework For Realistic Image Synthesis

How to generate synthetic images with enough fidelity to be truly accurate representations of real-world scenes. not just amazingly appealing imagery.

Sampling, Synthesis, and Input Devices

Now input technology allows high-fidelity sampling of the physical world, dramatically changing the method and user interface for creating computer graphic imagery.

Animation Control For Real-Time Virtual Humans

Want to make virtual humans more human? Let their flesh-and-blood counterparts animate their actions and intentions through natural-language instructions.

Making Graphics Physically Tangible

Computer control of the forces exerted on users through haptic interfaces adds physically tangible sensations to 3d imagery.

Visually Exploring Gigabyte Data Sets in Real Time

How to get past the numbers and the code in large 3d data sets to produce visualizations that are in turn responsive to user curiosity.

Web Home Pages as Advertisements

Viewing an organization's home page as its most important online advertisement has profound implications for how home pages are designed, tested, and evaluated.

Realizing 3D Visualization U-sing Crossed-Beam Volumetric Displays

The ability to look into an electronic display from any direction, walk around it, and see real 3D information being displayed is a dream-come-true technology for those who work with volumetric data sets.

CEO and CIO Perspectives on Competitive Intelligence

Nothing is more likely to undermine IT strategic planning than poor knowledge of competitors' computing practices.

Growing Systems in Emergent Organizations

As the new economic realities pressure your organization to change from stable to emergent, new practices for IT support are required.

Thinking Objectively: Object-Oriented Abstractions For Distributed Programming

Going beyond wrapping existing built-in toolkits with OO-like dressing.

Inside Risks: The Uses and Abuses of Biometrics

Biometrics work well only if the verifier can verify two things.