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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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Identity Theft, Social Security Numbers, and the Web

Privacy is lost in the proliferation of technology's omnipresent accessibility.

Legally Speaking: the Promise and Problems of the No Electronic Theft Act

The information age has generated its fair share of new statutes, some of which may be considered criminal.

Viewpoint: Exploring Virtuality

Are we dealing with an autonomous virtual realm or merely with an aspect of the mental realm?

Viewpoint: Not Now, Not Like This

Why the ACM Council does not support the licensing of software engineers at this time.

News on Demand: Introduction

Imagine waking in the morning, turning on your interactive TV, and being greeted by your intelligent news agent. Your agent has spent the night digitizing, segmenting, indexing, extracting, translating, and summarizing the world's …

Machine Learning of Event Segmentation For News on Demand

Deconstructing broadcast news using all sources of input from the multimedia stream.

Complementary Video and Audio Analysis For Broadcast News Archives

Increasing the usefulness of extracted information.

Integrated Technologies For Indexing Spoken Language

Transcribing speech and making it ready for browsing.

Maestro: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies

Combining technologies to achieve performance exceeding the sum of the parts.

Transcribing Broadcast News For Audio and Video Indexing

Automatically keeping up-to-date with rapidly changing news broadcasts.

Japanese Broadcast News Transcription and Information Extraction

Developing a system for close-captioning and automatic information extraction for Japanese broadcast news speech.

Measurements in Support of Research Accomplishments

How the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a basis for evaluating these novel systems.

Partnerships in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry

Strategic motivations range from adding local access to long-distance services, to sewing up millions of new customers, to claiming a piece of a potentially hot new technology.

Biometric Identification

When it comes to working biometric identification technologies, it's not only our fingerprints that do the talking. Now, our eyes, hands, signature, speech, and even facial temperature can ID us.

The Myths and Realities of Information Technology Insourcing

IT managers commiserate over the challenges of convincing senior executives that, contrary to popular belief, outsourcing isn't always a money-saving option.

A Cost and Performance Model For Web Service Investment

Need to decide whether developing a Web site or service is worth the financial investment and the trouble? Use this model to calculate the payoff. And get in (at the right level) while you can.

Technical Opinion: Essential Business Object Design

Inside Risks: Risks of PKI: E-Commerce