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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

News Track

Securing U-ser Passwords

Anne Adams and Martina Angela Sasse, in their article about password selection, "Users Are Not the Enemy" (Dec. 1999, p. 41), don't mention how to compose passwords that are both easy to remember and difficult to crack.

ACM Fellows

From Washington: A Patchwork of Legislation and Regulation

Corporations tout consumerism against citizenship.

Staying Connected: Surfing the Turf

For a medium that holds anonymity in high regard, privacy is fast eroding.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Introduction

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP Adoption By European Midsize Companies

Searching for ERP systems offering a perfect fit.

Enterprise Resource Planning: The Role of the CIO and IT Function in ERP

Are some organizational decision-makers blind to the benefits of ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning: Integrating ERP in the Business School Curriculum

Implementing ERP into business education is as challenging as it is rewarding—and necessary.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Multisite ERP Implementations

The meanings of "enterprise" and "site" vary depending on unique organizational circumstances.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Cultural Fits and Misfits: Is ERP a Universal Solution?

The universality of embedded business models of "industry best practices" is considered from an Asian perspective.

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP System Migrations

A provider's versus a customer's perspective.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Making ERP a Success

Using business process models to achieve positive results.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Componentizing the Enterprise Application Packages

Tomorrow's customers will demand the ability to buy, reuse, and build their competitive-edge solutions: Can the package vendors adapt in time?

Embodied Conversational Interface Agents

More than another friendly face, Rea knows how to have a conversation with living, breathing human users with a wink, a nod, and a sidelong glance.

Ocean and Climate Modeling

Only the most advanced parallel computers are fast enough to produce high-quality ocean simulations and accurate global climate predictions of temperature and precipitation.

The Ethics of Safety-Critical Systems

There are many practices that should be avoided in order to enhance the safety features of software systems.

Intrusion Detection Systems and Multisensor Data Fusion

Creating a cyberspace situational awareness environment will take more sophisticated tools and network sensors.

Technical Opinion: Deconstructing the 'Any' Key

Virtually all real programmers are insensitive. Not personal insensitivity, but technical insensitivity, the kind that results from viewing a problem solely from one's own perspective.

Data Mining and Rough Set Theory

Abstract Class Hierarchies, Factories, and Stable Designs

Inside Risks: Denial-of-Service Attacks