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Communications of the ACM

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Legally Speaking: Libel and Slander on the Internet

The Internet adds a new dimension to the power of words, challenging our freedom of speech as we know it.

Electronic Frontier: Bad Moon Rising

We might be in for some nasty weather with the marriage of content providers and cable companies.

Log on Education: Teachers and Technology: Easing the Way

As technology professionals, parents, and community members, how can we help grade school teachers integrate technology into the classroom?

Viewpoint: Why We Must Fight -UCITA

If UCITA is adopted, it will threaten the free software community with disaster.

Viewpoint: The Internet Patent Land Grab

Information System Integration

Interoperation Support For Electronic Business

Integrated value chains that consist of business alliance partners compete as single entities for customers.

The SI Challenge in Health Care

The inability to share information across systems and between care organizations is just one of the major impediments in the health care business's progress toward efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Maintaining Data Warehouses Over Changing Information Sources

Tomorrow's Web applications need a robust, efficient data warehouse system to succeed in dynamic Web-based environments.

SI in Digital Libraries

Scaling on an international level requires integrating independently evolved systems.

Emerging Mobile and Wireless Networks

Wireless and mobile networks are quickly becoming the networks of choice, not only because of large bandwidth, but due to the flexibility and freedom they offer.

Multivalent Documents

The MVD architecture heralds a document model supporting deep extension to novel and arbitrary aspects of document functionality, even distributed in situ annotation.

Is Telemedicine a Practical Reality?

The behemoths of managed health care and the digital age are converging as quickly as the technology allows.

Integrated Internet Marketing

Companies worldwide may recognize the marketing potential of the Internet, but using it to its full potential is often ignored.

A Paradigm Shift in the Distribution of Multimedia

RWANDA, a dynamic transport protocol, puts the "active" in interactive multimedia.

Technical Opinion: The Real Challenges of Mobile Agents

Inside Risks: Risks of Internet Voting