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Communications of the ACM

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Practical Programmer: On Personal Technical Obsolescence

In the fast-moving and ever-changing field of programming, what's your plan for the inevitable?

International Perspectives: From Via Maris to Electronic Highway: the Internet in Canaan

ISPs, governments, and telecos work to link the old world to the new in a volatile region.

On Site: Deliberating on ICANN

The Internet's development must benefit all members of the global electronic community.

Viewpoint: E2a Is Worse Than Y2k

Thank the U.S. military for the "ever-expanding" acronym, the most insidious threat of all.

Physically Based Computer Animation: Introduction

How can images be made to create the visual illusion of physical force?

Physics in Computer Games (Title Only)

The pleasures of immersive interactive entertainment increasingly demand game designers deliver a physically consistent and convincing experience—solving fundamental computational problems along the way.

Cognitive Modeling For Games and Animation

Give virtual characters an intellectual and sensory boost to improve their chances of survival in and control over their environments—and an enhanced sense of physical reality.

Controlling Physics in Realistic Character Animation

To solve the problem of generating realistic human motion, animation software has to not only produce realistic movement but provide full control of the process to the animator.

Modeling Water For Computer Animation

Simulated water flows, swirls, mixes, falls, refracts light, and interacts with objects in games, movie special effects, and commercials.

Animating Fracture

These fracture patterns propagate arbitrarily in 3D solid objects as they break, crack, or tear realistically.

Interacting with Smoke and Fire in Real Time

These simulated fluids move around randomly while interacting with such everyday objects as a human hand in surprisingly realistic swirls, flows, and vortices.

Simulation Modeling of Plants and Plant Ecosystems

The Virtual Oceanarium

This high-performance computer simulation of Europe's largest aquarium lets its human visitors interact with 25 species and about 1,000 individual creatures and plants.

Look Ma, No Mouse!

Simplifying human-computer interaction by using hand gestures.

Prepare Your Mind For Creativity

An asset in most cases, extensive experience can trip up the adoption of new technology—when fresh thinking is needed above all else. But methods exist to recognize impediments to creativity and to sharpen rusty creative skills …

A Conceptual Investigation of the E-Commerce Industry

Classifying structures for providing products and services in the electronic marketplace.

Technical Opinion: Information System Security Management in the New Millennium

Future users of information systems must address organizational problems at a time when the organizational form is being revolutionized.

Inside Risks: Risks in Retrospect