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Communications of the ACM

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From Washington: Ethics, Schmethics

Many scientists and their sponsoring companies act unethical, partly because of their willingness to reap the first financial benefits of any unethical innovation.

Staying Connected: Body of Technology

It's just a matter of time before a chip gets under your skin.

Viewpoint: Technological Access Control Interferes with Noninfringing Scholarship

Whether searches are human-assisted or computer-assisted, searching any work is fair use.

Conversational Interfaces

If you could speak to a computer that answers you in kind, or recognize you based solely on the properties of your voice, would you be happier with the interaction or work more productively?

Natural Spoken Dialogue Systems For Telephony Applications

A friendly "How may I help you?" replaces traditional menus for telephony services.

Speech Interfaces from an Evolutionary Perspective

How does the human brain react when confronted by a talking computer? Answers from psychological research and its design implications help define the limits of what computers should say and how they might say it.

Taming Recognition Errors with a Multimodal Interface

More modes are better than one when it comes to comprehending human speech, especially when speakers are accented or interacting in noisy natural environments.

Voicexml For Web-Based Distributed Conversational Applications

VoiceXML replaces the familiar HTML interpreter (Web browser) with a VoiceXML interpreter and the mouse and keyboard with the human voice.

Conversational Interfaces For E-Commerce Applications

These e-commerce shopping agents are knowledgeable, patient, and affable during their conversational interaction with shoppers—while helping generate sales for site owners.

The Limits of Speech Recognition

To improve speech recognition applications, designers must understand acoustic memory and prosody.

Voice Biometrics

Who are you? Your voice alone can be used to verify your personal identity—unobtrusively and invisibly.

Embodied User Interfaces For Really Direct Manipulation

Treating the body of the handheld device as part of its user interface.

Global Software Piracy: You Can't Get Blood out of a Turnip

Any strategy created to combat global piracy rates must focus first on price discrimination.

GSS For Presentation Support

Supercharging the audience through simultaneous discussions during presentations.

An Integrative Framework For IS Quality Management

Considering issues relating to multiple stakeholder groups, product, service, and process quality is important for managing IS quality.

Thinking Objectively: The Problem with Scalability

In software, very few projects remain of constant magnitude.

Inside Risks: Missile Defense