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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



DEPARTMENT: Student de-charter notice

Student De-Charter Notice

COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

What Road Ahead For Microsoft the Company?

Mapping the critical decisions involved in building the next version of the software company.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Patent Reform Through the Courts

Although some reforms can happen only through legislation, some key reforms may be achievable through the courts.

Spam and the Ongoing Battle For the Inbox

Even as spammers and phishers try evermore sophisticated techniques to get past filters and into users' mailboxes, anti-spam researchers have managed to stay several steps ahead, so far.

Enabling the 21st Century Health Care Information Technology Revolution

The U.S. government's vision of the health care information infrastructure is possible using technologies that support the sharing of medical e-records while maintaining patient privacy.

Intranet Model and Metrics

Measuring intranet overall value contributions based on a corporation's critical business requirements.

Electronic Markets Hypothesis Redux: Where Are We Now?

A popular theory on IT's impact fails to consider the rich, dynamic, relationship-filled environment in which IT operates.

Compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Studying the application of the CAN-SPAM Act and its effect on controlling unsolicited email messages.

Dynamic Personalization of Web Sites Without User Intervention

A novel online recommender system builds profiling models and offers suggestions without the user taking the lead.

Encouraging Participation in Virtual Communities

Leaders of robust, sustainable virtual communities find ways tostrengthen their members' sense of social identity and motivate their participation in the community's activities.

Web Content Adaptation For Mobile Handheld Devices

Creative technologies can help overcome the limitations of mobile handheld devices while maximizing their strengths.
DEPARTMENT: SIGs Announce Candidates for Election

SIGs Announce Candidates For Election

An Integrated Approach to Federated Identity and Privilege Management in Open Systems

Online partnerships depend on federations of not only user identities but also of user entitlements across organizational boundaries.

The Impact of Offshore Outsourcing on IT Workers in Developed Countries

Examining the global implications of outsourcing for IT workers.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

IT Security: In Search of the Holy Grail

Approaching IT security as an engineering and management problem.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Inside risks

Widespread Network Failures