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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



DEPARTMENT: ACM call for nominations

Call For Nominations For ACM General Election

COLUMN: Digital village

Better-Than-Nothing Security Practices

Security for general audiences.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Software Copyright and Role Models

Our words, ideas, and behavior profoundly influence our children and students to do good and not so good when using technology.
DEPARTMENT: Practical programmer

A Deja-Vu Look at Software Engineering Researchers Who Care About Practice

Reflections on institutes performing practice-relevant research.

Privacy-Enhanced Personalization

Multi-pronged strategies are needed to reconcile the tension between personalization and privacy.

Dealing with Change: Components Versus Services

Understanding the philosophy behind components and services is necessary before choosing a solution to deal with change in software design.

Modeling the IT Value Paradox

Assessing the value of IT investments has stumped managers and academics for years. If viewed as a commodity input, however, IT should be measured in the context in which the investment takes place.

Theoretical and Practical Complexity of Modeling Methods

Highlighting the importance of taking into account typical usage when estimating the complexity of a systems development method.

Involving Top Management in IT Projects

Aligning business needs and IT solutions with the problem-mapping technique.

Designing Large-Scale Supply Chain Linear Programs in Spreadsheets

Developing techniques to create a complete supply chain model across an entire product line.

A Classification of Product Comparison Agents

Using the ecological food chain as an analogy for agent classification.

Unintended Invitation: Organizational Wi-Fi Use By External Roaming Users

Unauthorized users risk civil and criminal liability; Wi-Fi network providers risk system intrusion and disruption.

Testing Object-Oriented Industrial Software Without Precise Oracles or Results

TACCLE tests an automated assembly system in which the expected outcomes cannot be precisely defined and the actual results cannot be directly observed.

Dynamic Decision Support Through Instantiation of UEML Representations

The resulting system inherits (on demand) from representations developed and maintained by partners engaged in business alliances.

Corporate Governance of IT: A Framework For Development

Boards of directors are beginning to look beyond the accounting roots of IT governance toward the risk of legal liability and harm to product brand and corporate reputation.

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COLUMN: Technical opinion

Offshore Outsourcing: The Risk of Keeping Mum

Breaking the code of silence.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Which Is Riskier: OS Diversity or OS Monopoly?